NEET SCORE - Valid for 3 years now to study MBBS IN ABROAD !!

  • NEET SCORE - Valid for 3 years now to study MBBS IN ABROAD !!

    27 Mar, 2019
    NEET SCORE - Valid for 3 years now to study MBBS IN ABROAD !!

    Neet Score - Valid for three years now to Study MBBS in Abroad : The Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry has accepted & regulated a proposal of “NEET score validity for 3 years” by the Medical Council of India (MCI) - Board of Governors.

    NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is mandatory to pursue a medical degree abroad and about 7,000 students from India fly abroad to study medicine every year.

    The Government has taken a great move to encourage the students for medical education abroad in the the Top Medical Universities in Abroad. According to the present scenario, the validity of the NEET score is one year (the year of attempt). Now it has been extended to three years in India.

    The officials of the Ministry said- “This is being done to help students who might be living outside India and are willing to come back after becoming doctors”.

    The Ministry believes that this step will save the inconvenience of taking NEET all over again, if for some reason they can’t join a medical institution in the year, they attempted NEET.

    NEET is now mandatory for admissions in any foreign medical university also.

    Approximately 15 Lakh students have registered for NEET UG 2019, and this year the date for NEET is fixed on 5th May 2019.

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