Career counselling and its importance for school students

  • Career counselling and its importance for school students

    24 Jul, 2020
    Career counselling and its importance for school students

    Career counselling is an essential factor for identifying the real potential and guiding students towards a right career path. Students need to know the importance of career coaching and right guidance before they are going to choose an academic stream after taking the board exams. Career counselling will be helpful choosing a career goal, planning and give a direction to students for a better future ahead. Read here significance of career counselling and proper guidance for school students –

    What is Career Counselling?

    In current times, career counselling is a need as most students pick commonly known domains as their career option. Career counselling is an effort for students’ career guidance right from their school about the available career options as per their interest and stream of academics.

    Through career counselling, an analysis can be done for students which will help them find out their interests and also their strengths and weaknesses.

    Why is career counselling important for high school students?

    Career counselling should be done in the school itself for class 8-12 students specifically because these are the levels where students choose a particular stream as their specialisation and also, it will be helpful for them to decide the stream they should opt for. This is because many students are not satisfied with the stream they choose and tend to change it; this happens in absence of proper guidance about options available as per their interest and different education stream.

    Nowadays, many counsellors prefer psychometric tests to analyse interests of students because generally, students are confused between their various interests but these psychometric tests help figure out students’ capabilities towards each of their interest.

    With career counselling, students would be able to know –

    Their aptitude and interests

    Strengths and weaknesses of a particular interest

    Making choice of stream for education after class 10

    Career options available in market as per their academic choice

    Career options available as per their interest

    Some alternate career options if they decide to change their stream in future

    How does career counselling help?

    Helps to choose the right career

    Career counselling helps students and professionals choose the right career and make them realise their true potential. There are a plethora of career options available in today’s world. It is humanly impossible to know about each and every career path and know it’s pros and cons. A career counsellor is an expert in this field. He/she has an abundance of knowledge about each career and will help you choose your dream career.

    Helps eliminate career-related confusion

    At some point in our lives, we all face career-related confusion. It can be a student, a graduate or a professional, everyone has a dilemma about their career at some point in their lives. It is better to consult a career counsellor and solve your career-related confusion rather than getting content with your career choice.

    “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

    Provides expert guidance

    What would you do if you are ill? You would go to a doctor who is an expert in his field.

    Similarly, what should you do if you are facing confusion related to your career? You should visit a career counsellor who is an expert in his field.

    A career counsellor understands your strength and weakness and provides you with expert guidance to choose the best career for you.

    It is essential to plan one’s career with a long term perspective.

    Career counselling is important in every educational step. Don’t hesitate. Get career counselling done. Visit

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